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Goin' Postal Norway, ME
Address: 231 Main Street

Owners: Bill Holmquist / Scott Peacock
We were one of the 1st Goin' Postal Stores in the chain. We are currently into our 8th year in operation. We offer professional packing and shipping from letters to large freight. We are authorized UPS, FedEx and USPS agents. So whether you are just passing thru or live here - stop in and experience the friendly service, or advice if that is all your looking for. (Everything except direction, I'm about as bad as you will find - but I do have a computer to help you look them up) Our services extend to even packing up and shipping the contents of your home or business. We get a ton of community support and they bring me tons of recycled packing materials so when I do ship your items I can typically pack your items less expensively than doing it youself. Recently I learned one of my customers bring in an item that was packed and sent from a UPS Store from Mass. to Maine. He paid $95 for packing and shipping. I sent it from Maine to California for $37, $1 more than he paid to send it to Maine. I package items that he sells on eBay all the time so he asked me what I would have charged him for packing, I figured @ $10 maybe a little less. I figure that if the community is going to help me succeed than I should help them the best I can. At my humble abode we are also eBay Power Sellers. We buy and sell items both in our store as well as on the net, we help @ 200 fellow eBayers per/mth ship their items and assist them with advice and ideas to improve sales. Overall I only have a couple of min's per/day to relax as this place tends to keep me moving dawn to dusk. I look forward to spending some time with you. Bill

  Norway, ME 04268
Phone: 207-744-0099
Fax: 207-744-0100
Email: norway@goinpostal.com
Hours: 8 AM - 5:30 PM Mon-Fri
  9:00 AM - 1:00 PM Saturday
Services Available  
UPS, FedEx, Post Office Services (USPS), Stamps, BW Copying, Color Copying, Faxing, Packaging, Gifts, Packaging Supplies, Office Supplies, Ebay, Postcards, Ebay Trading Asst,, Freight Packing & Shipping, Bulk Mail, Fulfillment.

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